April 16th, 2009
08:17 PM GMT
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On Friday in Sweden, a court ruled on whether several defendants are guilty in the Pirate Bay case of Internet file sharing.

The issue isn't new. When we file share are we guilty of stealing? Or is it our right to do this – after all we bought the music, or film in the first place. It seems the digital age has led us into temptations and acts that we would never dream of if in a traditional shop. We don't shoplift from our local grocery or music store but – whoops – go online and everything is up for grabs.

My view is that most people do this because they don't have any personal interest that they've seen stolen online. They don't have property worth protecting from illegal downloads so they can't relate to the anguish this causes. The key time of course is when it's YOUR copyrighted work at risk. Because I guarantee you – if You have a hit song, or copyrighted piece that was being shared "willy nilly" Ha! You'd scream long and loud for compensation.

I am not pure here. Let me own up to the fact that in the early days of p2p sharing I did my fare share of unauthorized loading up the digital player ... Morpheus, Napster, yup – I did 'em all.

I don't like paying for downloads anymore than you do. But these days I do recognize someone wrote, performed or distributed this song. And yes – it wasn't me.

You on other hand have some very different views ... join the debate below.


Ladidairo@richardquest One feels guilt for about 2 nano-secs, then u figure u got one over on the big cats!

Ignacious@richardquest In these hard economic times, how are we supposed to survive without Pirate Bay.org? Whose worried about downloading movie

Agromilia@richardquest You just found out about double standards in morals!!! I knew it already!!!

mommaude@richardquest Copying is one thing downloading is another. someone allowed you to download. 2009 if they don't want you to have it block it

jehahn@richardquest internet file sharing is a lot like shoplifting

twistedviewed@richardquest Companies use file sharing all the time with software etc. so what is so different with movie files, software has copy rights

SergioFlores_@richardquest If its illegal to download, then its the same to uppload. Then why have sites like Youtube? Which the news uses frequently

Panhinda@richardquest Knowledge should as far as possible have no boundaries. Archimedes didn't even wait to dress up before he began sharing

sepiahats@richardquest As long as no one's making money out of it,it really is our right to copy.Remember those self-made tapes from teenage days?

Lauratheexpat@richardquest I'll respect the law.But it would help if I didnt have 2 pay ridiculous prices to see a movie or buy a textbook!

carlmcdade@richardquest no more a double standard than speeding in your car but expecting swift justice for being hit by a speeder.

echom @richardquest of course it's questionable, but society and the law lag behind the development. there are no broadly acceptable rules, yet

core_APPLER@richardquest HYPOCRISY is a product of the Western World (not just w/downloading data)..Let me just give u 1 example: NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION

MichaelDCC@richardquest File sharing is stealing by sharing. Robin Hood was not a good guy he was a thief

Rikki_ND@richardquest I didn't as a teen, but as I've gotten a bit older I've come to see the issues arising from it so I buy what I download!

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