April 23rd, 2009
01:25 PM GMT
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It’s midweek and here is an update on the Q25


Yahoo – good numbers and a reasonable prospect for the future, along with cost cutting and a general feeling the company. A Green Apple.


Wells Fargo – led the way a couple of weeks ago when it gave guidance and said things were looking much better. They were right. We gave them a Green apple


Boeing – The raw numbers were at the top end of expectations so you might be forgiven for giving Boeing a Green apple. Unfortunately there are cost overruns on the 747-800, the 787 is two years behind schedule and hasn’t yet flown, airlines may still defer or cancel more orders because of the recession.Boeing got a Red Apple


AT&T – The numbers were at the top end of expectations and the company is doing a good job squeezing more revenue through texts and data useage. IN addition is has seen excellent numbers from being the launch carrier in the US for the iPhone which has been a tremendous success (we will get more on that from Apple on Thursday)  A Green Apple


Morgan Stanley – Of all the banks, MS broke the trend of banks and recored a bigger loss than expected.  The banks capital tier one ratio is strong, but the performance of the bank was not. At a time when it’s peers are making money, we gave Morgan Stanley a Red Apple  


Kimberly Clark – The household product maker includes Huggies and Kleenex. If not exactly recession proof it should be resilient. But it wasn’t. Sales and profits were down because shoppers are shunning branded products they love for generic products that might be cheaper.  A Red Apple

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