July 6th, 2009
07:27 PM GMT
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Tonight's rant on profitable moment came after my report on the renovation of the Savoy Hotel in London – not the sort of place where you will find the Buffet Breakfast when it opens its doors in 2010. It gave me a chance to re-open my one-man campaign against the abomination of this horrible morning ordeal.

Everyone likes a nice hotel – chocolates on your pillow – big fluffy towels…..these days are tough for the hotel industry- one wonders if the owners of the Savoy regret starting such an expensive project right at the start of the recession.

There is one thing I have a particular bug bear about – and that’s the hotel buffet breakfast. I hate ‘em. Miserable congealed eggs simmering next to hours old sausages. Yuch. And as for those ridiculous conveyor belt toasters. Please– we have sent a man to the moon. We have split the atom. So why, oh why, can’t an hotel have a toaster that gets it right. Don’t laugh. First time round and the breads comes out barely touched by the heat…so I send it around again – and out comes a burnt charred piece of bread. Is it really that difficult ? Has ANYONE ever made a decent piece of toast in those horrible machines ? I doubt it

Am I alone ? Join me – it’s my one man campaign. Quest against the Buffet Breakfast.

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