March 26th, 2010
01:42 PM GMT
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News International announced plans to charge for access to The Times and The Sunday Times Web sites starting in June.

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The publisher said both British newspapers will launch new Web sites in early May and offer a free trial period to registered customers.

Starting in June, each site will charge £1 ($1.48) for a day's access or £2 ($2.96) for a week's subscription, News International said.

The newspapers are currently available free on a combined site,, but they will have separate sites starting in May. Subscribers will have access to both sites, News International said.

The only other major British newspaper currently charging for online content is the Financial Times, which charges a basic rate of £3.29 ($4.90) a week for a year-long subscription. Users can view up to 10 online articles for free each month, but they must register.

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