April 8th, 2010
01:10 PM GMT
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The iPad may officially only be available in the United States, but that isn't stopping shoppers in places like Europe and Hong Kong from getting their hands on one.

Hundreds of iPads were seen on sale in Hong Kong - some for as much as 60 percent higher than their retail price.

How much would you pay for an iPad?
How much would you pay for an iPad?

Among those flocking to Hong Kong to own the iPad are mainland Chinese customers, said Alex Tang, who resells iPad for eSatto. Some mainland Chinese bought in iPads in bulk from the reseller to resell yet again in China for a higher price.

"One trader bought 20 from me for HK$6,500 (US$837) and planned to resell in China for RMB6,500 (US$952), using the exchange rate to make a profit," he said.

Inside an hour a CNN reporter found seven stores selling iPads in stores on the crowded streets of Mongkok, one of the most densely populated areas in the world and Hong Kong's hub for "gray market" goods - the importation of legitimate merchandise unlicensed for resale abroad.

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How much are you willing to buy an iPad for? How far would you go to owning one?

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