June 8th, 2010
05:26 AM GMT
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(CNN) - Seems like every time you switch on business news in recent days, you hear about the euro hitting “fresh four-year lows.”

This year hasn’t been kind to the euro. A scant six months ago, the euro was trading $1.50 to the U.S. dollar. But that was before the Greek debt crisis erupted into the EU debt crisis, and the 16-nation monetary union is now facing a crisis that has some critics questioning its very existence.

The latest round of “fresh four-year lows” happened Monday, with the currency trading as low as $1.1875. What other benchmarks await the euro if it continues its slide? Adrian Bowden, a London-based business editor for CNN International, put together this handy reference:

If the euro falls below $1.1856  - Lowest since February 2006

Below $1.1823 – Lowest since January 2006

Below $1.1799 – Lowest since December 2005

Below $1.1657 – Lowest since November 2003

Below $1.1374 – Lowest since September 2003

Below $1.0762 – Lowest since April 2003

Below $1.0335 – Lowest since 2002

So the question the business world wonders: How low will the euro go?

June 8th, 2010
01:20 AM GMT
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