August 25th, 2010
08:08 PM GMT
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President Barack Obama and daughter, Sasha, on holiday swimming at Alligator Point in Panama City, Florida on August 14, 2010
President Barack Obama and daughter, Sasha, on holiday swimming at Alligator Point in Panama City, Florida on August 14, 2010

It's becoming ever clearer that we love our holidays!

Whether it’s a cruise, a few nights camping under canvas, a package tour or a deluxe week in a spa.. we are prepared to spend money on getting away from it all. We need our holidays to recharge our batteries.

Some of you watching will be luxuriating in having weeks of annual leave to take. Others will barely get a long weekend with pay.

On this week's Q&A Ali Velshi and Richard Quest will be going head to head debating the entitlement to paid annual leave. They’ll look at the benefits of a vacation for employees, employers and the economy. Surely this is a win win! There will also be our head to head quiz – the guys are one-all at the moment, but will that last? See you at 2:00pm ET / 1800 GMT on CNN!

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August 25th, 2010
11:05 AM GMT
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Running your own company is hard work. So is running a family. So many parents try to juggle both, struggling to manage their careers and ensure their children are happy.

As a working mother, I have huge respect for anyone trying to manage the demands of work and family: Trying to achieve a "balance" between both aspects of your life is always hard.

Every working parent figures out by trial and error what works for them.

If you have your own business, it’s easier, in a way, to juggle the demands of school pickups and sick kids. That is according to one working mom, Kirsten Goss, who runs a jewellery design business from her hometown of Durban.

She has a shop in Kensington, London selling her beautiful pieces of jewellery, which are all made in her studio in Durban. Besides sourcing stones, designing necklaces and earrings, managing staff and travelling to London once a month, Kirsten also cares for her two young children.

So what are her tips for a happier working parent?

Location helps. We spent some time recently profiling Kirsten Goss for a story on Marketplace Africa and there is no doubt that a smaller town like the port city of Durban, with its warmer weather and simple outdoor lifestyle, helps.

She says she would not be able to manage her crazy juggling act between work and parenthood in a busy, urban, expensive town like London.

Having an understanding spouse also helps, she says.

You also need a capacity to be in two places at the same time - a superhuman ability that every mommy know all too well!

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