September 22nd, 2010
11:06 AM GMT
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Morgan Tsvangirai, the prime minister and leader of the Movement for Democratic Change, has said that he would rather be “occupying space than throwing stones from outside.”

However, Tsvangirai has been criticized, even from within his own party, for compromising too much in order to “occupy” some of Zimbabwe’s political space. His party, the MDC, have been in a coalition government with Robert Mugabe’s ZANU PF for the past two years, but key points in the 'power-sharing agreement' have still not been implemented.

Sticking points are the new constitution, targeted Western sanctions and the timing of new elections, among other issues.

Many worry that the MDC is a 'junior member' in the coalition and that Robert Mugabe has outmaneuvered Tsvangirai and his party.

Tsvangirai denied this when I put it to him in an interview. He said he shared equal executive power with Mugabe. He also stressed that Zimbabwe was a far more stable country since 2008 and, with that in mind, he is trying to drum up foreign investment to help boost the country’s fragile economy.

So the questions I have are: Would you invest in Zimbabwe? Do you agree with Tsvangirai that it’s better to be inside government, working for change from within? Or do you think he has 'sold-out?'

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  1. Charlie

    Given the situation with the new found diamond deposits, and tsvangirai's insistence that he is Mugabes equal, I would say its apparent that he has sold out. If not, he is bloody stupid for saying he's got a say as that makes him equally responsible for these attrocoties. Either that or mugabe has out manouvered us all,and only agreed to the coalition knowing that he could never export the diamonds unless the West perceived there to be a shred of democracy in govt,and tsvangirai is just a pawn in the game.

    September 22, 2010 at 11:23 am |
  2. Steve Thompson

    I spent time in Zimbabwe in the early 1990's and it truly was a beautiful country with a vibrant economy. Harare was an amazing city; very clean and prosperous. I still have a 5 Zim dollar note – not even worth the paper it's printed on!

    Zimbabwe turned the wrong direction when Robert Mugabe ordered enactment of the 1992 Land Acquisition Act in order to speed up the land reform process which allowed the government to buy land and force white farmers from their farms. By 1997, the land reform had reached the point where the government had listed nearly 1500 farms that it intended to buy, compelling farmers off land that they had owned for generations. These lands were then sold to peasants and government officials who had no farming experience. Farms that had been highly efficient food producers, fell into neglect leading to food shortages throughout the country.

    Would I invest in Zimbabwe? No.

    September 22, 2010 at 11:41 am |
  3. Lion King

    When you are asking the question would you who are you referring to exactly? I would assume you are referring to western investors whose governments foreign policy is based on national interests and not the indigenous people. Mugabe had been a western darling for 20 long years without him being demonized or being called a dictator and all of a sudden he is threatening the westerns' interests by default he has become a dictator, a tyrant the list is endless. In the past 10 years western governments have imposed "targeted sanctions" on Mugabe and his cronies, but in actual fact you and I know sanctions are meant to make the ordinary person feel the hardship and hopefully when he does he will up rise against the dictator, so we are starving people to pursue our own foreign policy (REGIME CHANGE) and protect our national interests (ACCESS TO CHEAP RESOURCES).
    Tsvangirai has been supported financially and propped by special interest groups and governments because they feel when he come to power he will better serve their interests, but they have underestimated Mugabe again.Mr Tsvangirai has taken too long to deliver his promises to special interest groups, and at the same time they have grown weary and are abandoning him because he has taken too long to deliver. I f you can't beat them join them eastern investors for example China and India are all working with Mugabe and in the mean time the western investors are politicking( ALL OR NOTHING) whilst opportunity is passing right in front of their eyes

    September 22, 2010 at 12:13 pm |
  4. Allan Patterson

    I wouldn't invest a nickel and Morgan has "Sold Out". I would however donate to a worthy charity there as long as it wasn't stolen by some evil Zanugoon.

    September 22, 2010 at 12:49 pm |
  5. Oladipo Omole

    Greetings.For now it's not advisable to invest in Zimbabwe , because Robert Mugabe and his brigands are still in government. Any further investment in Zimbabwe at this time would be affected by the policy that forced the farming interests out of Zimbabwe after they had lost their thriving farms to largely inexperienced, crude and rampaging brigands.
    Mugabe would still be involved in making policy for the coalition and would always want to dip his hands in the pie of foreign interests in the country.
    Don't you see anything wrong in any government demanding through arm-twisting means a stake in any foreign firm? This is 2010 and it's not just done at least in the developed world to which all countries want to belong.
    Frankly, it appears Tsvangirai has sold out . Even his party has said this much. If he's desirous of any positive change in Zimbabwe, he should do it the conventional way. Through the ballot box. Not by compromise.He should like the rest of his party and the generality of Zimbabwe know that the much desired change is not negotiable.
    Zimbabwe as is currently governed is still a rogue state and it should be treated as such.There's still nothing to cheer in Zimbabwe as such as it appears that even the main opposition the MDC is deeply divided with regard to their strategy to control or govern the country.

    September 22, 2010 at 1:11 pm |
  6. Zimbabwean

    @Steve. I dislike the way you talk about Zim as if there is nothing in it. It pains to me to see how people talk about Zim as if there are no people in it. I have decided for once to stand up and hope that anyone who reads this thinks first before they write things that hurt the spirit of many of us who are proud to be Zimbabweans but are held hostage by political disaagreements and interest groups who donot see the greater good in serving people rather than their own self-interests.

    People dont always agree. What they do when they dont agree is another thing and in Zim thats what i say has and may remain a problem for a long time to come. Again in dwelling on this point we all miss the point so i will leave it at that.

    We all have our dreams as Zimbabweans and none of those dreams come true because of people like @Charlie and @Allan Patterson. People who continue to fuel the 'hate and hate' culture that has been forced on our people.

    September 22, 2010 at 1:40 pm |
  7. Marbell

    I clearly agree with Morgan.. sometimes, one has to be pragmatic and work with available options BUT not forgetting to stand by key principles and working hard to bring reform from within

    September 22, 2010 at 2:06 pm |
  8. betrayed

    "stabbed in the back" correctly describes wat was done to zimbabweans by Morgan Tsvangirai. This struggle against zanu pf was at its critical decisive stage, many people had been slaughtered already in support of his MDC, when the party unilateraly made a decision to join the zanu pf gvt. in short Tsvangirayi decided NOT TO GO all the way and so let his followers down. the question is why?

    in my view these are the reasons why he decided to join Mugabe, for thats exactly what he did remove the illusion of , current events tell u that.

    this man's term as leader of the MDC was over according to their constitution and Zanu pf was well aware of that and knew he was now weakened by that. Resentment from within the MDC was also growing, as people were noticing such obvious dictatorial tendencies in him. this man wanted to remain at the forefront, and of course with some foreign support, inside top henchmen who also new tsvangirayi's loss of power comes with them losing their top positions too, SADC countries simply dont want destabilisation of their region, just like the UN wants to prevent escalation of conflicts around the world, they want to prevent hostilities, HOW that is achieved it matters not, wether it is in the interest of ordinary zimbabweans or not, if hostilities can be avoided by a certain compromise, it will be pushed forward at the expense of the peoples wishes.

    with two choices to make,
    1. step down from MDC leadership and face the uncertainty of direct confrontation with the zanu pf dictatorship which had a strong Chinese support and divided support in Sadc.

    2. Join the dictatorial regime under the guise of a coalition gvt, retain the support of MDC masses as their trusted representative in the government at the same time retaining Western support since they dont want a costly escalation of hostilities and lastly appease the zanu pf regime which was willing to take any measure to moderate western hostility towards its regime.

    But going back to the basics, what did zimbabweans want from Tsvangirai?, the answer is simple
    they wanted MDC to form a new government, new army which is not to kill its citizens, new police which is not going to be an extended arm of zanu pf militia, a new government which would operate with officials who are free to conduct business around the world and reestablish friendship with the economically sound west. reestablishment of the western trade routes and their donor funds and loans. typical of evey other african small economy thats what zim was before...............................................before what? now this is not a simple question.

    its easy to say before Mugabe's land reform policy and continuing madness. but we ought to go a little earlier to this. wat caused mugabe to take all these desperate and obviously futile measures. it was a response to the then sound political challenge from tsvangirai and his MDC party. literally tsvangirayi brought Mugabe rage on zimbabweans both white and black, and zimbabweans promised him their full support, they died supporting him at the brutal hands of zanu pf militias, army and police whilst he was pulling up this PROMETHIUS DECEPTION.

    it's correct to say he stabbed us in the back. most likely because of his eggocentric self preservation, and fear of outright confrontation with zanu pf. dictators are not removed through the ballot, he knew exactly what was to be done but he was afraid in, coward in a rather impressive contrast to his zanu pf rival, impressive in the eyes of zanu pf supporters. mugabe is willing to go to war if thats what it has to come to for his office, even with his own.

    not to deny the man any attributes, tsvangirayi is eloquent and can easily answer polical questions, like everyone else he can make wrong political statements in public, but his eggocentric self preservation and unforseen cowardice led him "stabbing us in the back". without any admiration for the legendary bloodthirsty Adolf hitler nazi germany felt the same with the versailles treaty after WWI (dagger-stab-in-the-back-legend) or (DOLCHSTO B LEGEND in german. Why throw in the towel when your armies are still standing and the war has not yet been lost. surely its curious.

    Tsvangirayi postponed the struggle but in the event allowed zanu pf to consolidate its position and now it will be close to impossible to remove this regime, dont pay attention to the few, worthless junior ministries they hold or more correctly the ministries in which they a playing the front, the opposition is not only weaker but more afraid and divided.

    "Stabbed in the back"

    September 22, 2010 at 2:26 pm |
  9. Concerned

    Do not blame Tsvangirai only. He is not the real culprit. Tsvangirai was forced by the real "sell outs" – Mbeki, SA government and SADC into all of this. They betrayed the MDC, Zimbabweans, and the people of the Southern African region. They betrayed democracy in Southern Africa.

    I will not invest anything in Zimbabwe.

    September 22, 2010 at 4:21 pm |
  10. ndini motto

    Zimbabwe is in trouble because : READ EVERYTHING
    a country of 13 millon black people has dared to disturb a white man's paradise, we have dared to say that we want more than the crumbs that were on offer. Ask your self why the white people are still in Zimbabwe making money and going ot kariba every weekend when CNN keeps telling us that white people are not safe in Zimbabwe.
    Saying that it is time us black people woke up and realized that killing the goose that lays the golden egg is not an option, we failed to expand our infrastructure and expand social services because somehow we thought the money would just keep coming in and the that the goverment could keep subsidizing the economy.

    As a black i left my country in 1993, becoz the Rhodies were doing their best to keep making money and keeping it outside Zim while employing educated black people and paying them peanuts. As a black man i can work anywhere in the world and be paid and respected for my worth, in Zimbabwe the white man still somehow believe that he is entitled to everything because he is white therefore the black man is not and never will be his equal.

    So first things first white people in Africa are stuck in a time warp and the worst thing is that the USA, UK and EU have ruined my country not because they want human rights but because a couple of hundred thousand white people who refuse to even learn how to speak our langauge or understand our culture are being held accountable for their ignorance.............................

    So to all you people talking about my country first understand that since 1980 our people have tried to live with the white people, damn we even let them carry on farming and mining and they were happy with the status quo because us black people had no clue what wealthy lay beneath the soil in terms of farming, minerals.These people took our humility and humleness as stupidity and abused us to the point that they were actual wondering why they ever fought a war when they could have just had a black government handle black affairs while they carried on plundering the country ..............

    if you really want to know then ask us but don't for a moment believe that have not tried to live with these people.

    September 25, 2010 at 7:34 am |
  11. ndini motto

    As for the failure of the goverment to actual learn how to run the country properly well we can't blame the white man for that, but i will say that we are 30 years old and still learning the hard way maybe but still learning.
    Remember from the USA, to UK to France each of these countries has had the industrial revolution, their farming revolution etc

    To all your zimbabweans fighting about MDC or ZANU or which village you come from it's time to grow and face the truth, the only answer is us coming together and focusing on the issues that we agree on and working together to move Zimbabwed forward. No man or party is bigger then our country but for the moment we are all wasting energy and time squabbling instead of planning.

    Mugabe is on his way out and will always be respected by his peers and generation, we have no idea what they went through but they are tougher then we ever will be and they will just stand together if we put them under seige.

    Morgan has been a blessing for opening our eyes, we laughed when Tekere formed ZUM because we didn't realize then that we were blind.
    But Morgan has lost steam and i believe he is limited in his ability to be able to stand up to the west or the white people in Zim. case in point is the issue of the stalemate in Zimbabwe of weather we should include bennet in the goverment.

    No white man of that generation in africa is interested in allowing the re-distribution of land or the progress of an african agenda. we must be clear that profit made in africa by farmers and investors are based on the fact that most of the money is allowed to leave the country instead of going to taxes or social programs like pension or healthy.
    As long as we don't control our resources we will always be poor and weak enough to be controlled by the west.

    So people of Zimbabwe i don't hate white people (rhodies) in africa but it is clear that we do not have the same priorities or ideas on how to move africa forward.

    So i say to you forget Zanu,forget MDC come together and find an option that will bring our country together or we will still be here 20 years from now talking about what might have been

    September 25, 2010 at 7:53 am |
  12. Jason

    well i would like to point out that reason prevailed when Tsvangirai took to the coalition because the deadlock was causing unbearable suffering for the majority of Zimbabwe's populace.The rich were getting richer while the economy was at its precipice. No orange revolution would have worked in Zimbabwe because the state artillery lies in the hands of ZANU(PF) which would have led to massacre worst than that of Kenya. The strategy of working from within was his only option, while Mugabe required that bailout plan to save the economy from a virtual standstill.

    Meanwhile, would i invest in Zimbabwe? An absolute no. The economic conditions are not yet ripe because a host of fundamentals have to be addressed first. Monetary and fiscal policy cohesion as well as reform of the financial sector starting with the RBZ is an example.

    September 25, 2010 at 11:29 am |
  13. Jason Martin

    Most comments are by people who are not on the ground and would disqualify most as dependable.
    truth of the matter is that indeed land reform affected the country and turned it negative in all aspects be it political or economic. we had the worst economy in the world yet we were not in war

    (its ironic that a sound of gunfire is news worthy).

    Now 10 years down the line after a violent election led to a coalition government things are starting to change for the better. and truth of the matter ZIMBABWE IS VIABLE FOR INVESTMENT.

    to those who are bitter about the land issue i suggest you consult historians they will surely enlighten you why it happened..but unfortunately it was carried out not in a pleasant manner , that should be the complaint. not that it should not have happened.

    some of the economy in the last ten years was destroyed with the help of disgruntled people to try and put the Mugabe a tight spot but at the end of the day us the ordinary people suffered more. Because having been left to die of hunger so that we can remove Mugabe did work, why then continue with that strategy?????? "YET YOU SAY YOU CARE ABOUT ZIMBABWEAN PEOPLE" sufering under mugabe. is it not Australia, Newzealand and recently the UK that stopped their cricket teams from touring zimbabwe , imagine how many famillies depended on the temporary jobs that would have been the cricket players all over the country as well.
    Now you say don't invest because Mugabe is still in Power so the policies aint good , by doing so you are his accomplice , truth of the matter is zimbabwe is good for investment. ofcoz there are policy changes needed (minor for that matter). So untill you stop focusing on mugabe and put on your business hat then you will see that zimbabwe is good for investment.

    September 26, 2010 at 10:32 am |
  14. Mudhara

    It is clear that those of you blaming Morgan were not in Zim between 2007 and 2008 when the crisis was at its worst. there was no food, no cash and there was political violence everywhere. Inflation was in quadrillion %ages. I was in Zim then and am here now and to the ordinary Zimbabwean Morgan remains a HERO. Now we have food in shops, inflation is 6% and the economy is expected to grow by 8%. The highest in Southern Africa. All this achieved in about 2 years of a very difficult coalition where admitedly Mugabe still hold more power.
    I am very hopefull that WHEN Tsvangirayi assumes power the gains will be accelerated.

    September 27, 2010 at 7:08 am |
  15. pablo

    Interetsing to read some comments from people who are calling Mr Tsvangirai a Sell Out. Either you don't know or have forgotten the situation that led to the formation of the coalition. At the time Zimbabwe was at its lowest point. people were starving and the levels of violence were horrendous. Since the formation of the coalition there has been relative peace and the econmy is no longer the joke it had been. Zimbabwe is far from ok now but better than in 2008. Talk to any Zimbabwean who was there then and who is there now whether Tsvangirai sold them out or not. Its flattering as a Zimbabwean to have people from various nations taking interest in our small country.itshowever also irritating when some people who have never set a foot in Zimbabwe or who left way before *it hit the fan profess to be authorities when it comes to Zimbabwe. I hate Mugabe with a passion but its deluded to belive that the problems facing Zimbabwe start and stop with him. Whatever his short comings he has been ably assissted in destroying Zimbabwe by the governments who have put sanctions on Zimbabwe. Pretending that they are targetd at individuals is silly. When you put sanctions on a country's cbinet minister in his professional capacity you have effectively put sanctions on that country as a whole.

    September 27, 2010 at 1:34 pm |
  16. nathan

    I would like to say the western world has tried its best to destroy Zimbabwe in order to remove Mugabe from power by making the people of Zimbabwe suffer. Why SHOULD THE PEOPLE OF ZIMBABWE SUFFER IF IT IS MUGABE THEY WANT TO GO. Before the land reform nobody tagged Mugabe as a dictator and over night he has become one .
    I'm actualy surprised dy the number of white people who still leave in Zimbabwe and still are reach doing business in the same country they declare NOT safe for investment . The policies which are being placed by the government are trying to make sure that Zimbabweans benefit from their own resources. The Western world should try and focus on helping ordinary Zimbabweans and not focus on making them suffer to put Mugabe out of power.

    September 28, 2010 at 6:39 am |
  17. loretto

    to hell with all of you who will not invest in Zim, because of a temporary fixture named Bob, we dont need you, we have manged without you for over ten years, and we are moving forward without you. Wake up and smell the coffee, bob is not here to stay, neither is Morgan (another Bob in the making) who elected Morgan to head MDC?

    September 28, 2010 at 12:07 pm |
  18. betrayed

    it surprises me that people continue to praise tsvangirai for allowing mdc into a formation of a coalition government with the people's enemy, someone i notice goes on to think one day tsvangirai will assume full power, what makes you think zanu pf will be watching whilst that UTOPIC fantasy materialises. there is a modest improvement in the livelihood of zimbabweans i agree, but our problem is still there and we all know that it is political. the last elections made it clear zimbabweans no longer want zanu pf and mugabe, land reform or no land reform. no matter what the americans and their western allies say, DO YOU YOURSELF WANT ZANU PF AND MUGABE to continue ruling, i guess its NO. but they simply resisted the people's ballot decision and tsvangirai simply accepted that by forming a coalition gvt with them for the reasons which i previously stated, reasons which non of you can deny. you dare not even argue against them because they make a sudden revealation of the evil side of this man's politics and his potential to refuse leaving office if he was to assume total power.

    it is unfortunate that zimbabweans over the past 30 years have been groomed into disregarding the importance of democracy in a society, the right to freely choose a leader keeps those chosen leaders accountable to the populace. to celebrate the availability of goods in retail shops and thereby enshrine tsvangirai a hero is one short sighted way of looking at such complexities of national politics. most of the people in this school of thought cite improvements in food availability as a reason to stop fighting a regime we all passionately want to see out. thats a coward way of thinking, accepting the unacceptable and dwelling your thoughts on trivial improvements abandoning the bigger picture.

    what worries me most, is that Mugabe's rhetoric of instilling fear into his opponents is not changing, his generalized attack on the white race is not changing either, he keeps changing the rules of political conduct to keep himself and his party in power, he keeps postponing the elections. u will all believe soon when I say " Zanu pf is here to stay, this dictatorial regime is now well established than ever and will keep feeding on the our fear to take them head on", a fear being perpetuated by this cowardly leader of the mdc, his men have completely forgotten about the changes they promised their electorate. the gullibility of ourselves as the country men cant be overemphasised, we also tend to continue to accept the unacceptable, for the fear of staging a fight. put aside the fear, fight out this dictatorial regime and and win back your democracy and freedom everything else follows. do not be deceived by this coalition compromise. what kind of a country continues without its own currency, are we such second class world citizens. we all know what we should do if we stop listening to that cowardly voice at the back of our minds. we should drive them out completely. a coalition will always give excuses for failures. if mdc has failed to replace zanu pf, then we really need an alternative political entity which will revive this original goal. STOP THIS HERO WORSHIPPING OF TSVANGIRAYI, the same was done on MUGABE by our forebearers, turning a blind eye to everything else because he had won us independence from a dictatorial and racist Ian Smith, only to get to this. i appreciate tsvangirai's efforts for having mounted a phenominal challenge to shake the Zanu pf regime, but without going all the way, it amounts to nothing and will only leave us in a worse situation than before. i would want him to change his soft stance and naiveity towards these hot hot headed crooks, he should put up the courage expected of a leader tasked with leading a fight for freedom. i too will return to his support.

    as zimbabweans we need to be more aggressive on our leaders, lets not follow them blindly, we should not let them abuse our support, lets only listen to the foreign voice that supports our cause, the voice that supports freedom and democracy and sound economic principles that give everyone a chance. this black white political gymic should not blind us from the core issues at hand. not to defend the white minority of zimbabwe, thats theirs to do, for indeed there are some of them with an attitude to race issues but honestly not all of them. there are less than 5000 farms in zimbabwe and wether those 5000 people are black and not white is really not going to change the fortunes of every black skinned zimbabwean. it may be addressed yes but not to the detriment of the whole country, to serve the interests of those 5000 new black owners.

    September 28, 2010 at 2:06 pm |
  19. Zvichapera Chete

    Would I invest in Zimbabwe, NO. Hell No. Tswangirayi has an interesting approach to the resolution of the Zimbabwean situation. I do not agree with his approach. There have been a lot of blunders on his part, blunders that have given Mugabe space to breathe. Why did he sign a flawed agreement? Why did he not let the Mugabe regime fail completely, it was almost done when he came and saved it! Saying that he avoided further suffering is not good enough an explanation, Zimbabweans had suffered yes, but a little more of that to get the desired result, would have been worth it. Freedom is never free. It was not strategic to save Mugabe and his regime.
    Sanctions are on the few targeted criminals and companies related to them, pure and simple. Yes Tswangirayi is currently popular, but mainly due to lack of alternatives and not being informed enough. Tswangirayi has admitted admiring Mugabe. One wonders what has been compromised as a result.
    Tswangirayi is right when he says he is occupying political space, but that might have resulted in the perpetuation of the rouge regime. Right now we can see that he is now comfortable and feeling important. I believe time will come, as it has done before, when the people will wake up to all this. Lastly, there is a lot of mis-information out there, some from people who can do with more and better research / information. We must not forget the thousands who have died for freedom in Zimbabwe. We must also not forget the crimes against humanity.

    September 28, 2010 at 8:47 pm |
  20. Dr Love

    Why is Richard Branson, an innovator by nature saying Zimbabwe is ripe while most Zimbabweans are saying its not???

    I find it quite enteraining that we left Zimbabwe to make money while the people with money are going to Zimbabwe. Am I missing somthing here!!!!

    Lord i pray i do not become addicted to a drug called paycheque, it causes people to live below thier true ability. Indeed as a MAN thinket he is.....

    Personally I really dont care Mugabe or Tsvangirayi. Money is the language all nations understand.

    September 29, 2010 at 4:07 am |
  21. Martin Johnson

    I find it quite pathetic that there are a lot of people who approach the Zimbabwean situation with a parochial way of thinking.Firstly it must be noted that Morgan Tsvangirai and his collegues took the best decision to join the GNU under the circumstances.Mr Tsvangirai had noted the great suffering the general populace had gone through in our struggle for freedom.Mugabe is not the issue but the ell being of the people.When I see the comments laid out here,all I see is a bunch of exiles scared of the future.Zimbo 4ever

    September 29, 2010 at 12:58 pm |
  22. joshualipana

    I cannot imagine myself getting into any sort of alliance with Mugabe. But what other choice does Tsvangirai have? He doesn't have enough arms to be able to oust Mugabe by force and Mugabe is just too soulless to be swayed by a peaceful campaign from the outside.

    September 30, 2010 at 10:53 am |
  23. Capitalist Zimbo

    The question we should be asking is how can Zimbabweans participate in the economic turnaround. If there was zero opportunity and the country was a pariah state as it is potrayed ...the Chinese would not come and buy up the country... the unfortunate thing about life is that most people who are talking about investment in Zim do not have a cent they would invest anywhere... Some are waiting for the perfect opportunity ..dream on!!!! By the time you wake up there will be no CHANCE for you especially some in the diaspora who have a SKEWED view of the country.. Zimbos lets stop thinking like employees and become EMPLOYERS...I WILL PROUDLY INVEST IN ZIM REGARDLESS OF WHO IS PRESIDENT!!! FYI I HAVE WORKED IN THE DIASPORA AS AN INVESTMENT BANKER AND HAVE RELOCATED BACK TO ZIM!!!

    October 1, 2010 at 3:31 pm |
  24. farai

    The unity government should be viewed as a worth development. investors should not hesitate to go into zimbabwe given that to date zimbabwe is one of the counted peaceful countries in its region and has the potential of also building one of the greatest economies in africa. The efforts at peace by mugabe and tsvangirai shoould be applauded by lifting some economic sanctions. At least these leaders should be given an incentive prolonged sanctions on Zimbabwe will only serve to worsen the situation, at least there is no war in Zimbabwe. the people of zimbabwe have suffered for more than a decade they deserve to be pittied. Help buid zimbabwe realise its potential and not help destroy the young country.

    October 6, 2010 at 10:47 am |
  25. proud2bfromzim

    I think the issue here is that you are all talking form an outsiders points of view, many of you see Tsvangirai's choices as a betrayal now let me tell you all, that from the our side it looks like he has given in but that guy has sacrificed a huge chunk of his reputation as an opposition leader to SAVE ZIMBABWEAN LIVES yes and this is very true, before the coalition government many institutions had collapsed including public health, there was a cholera outbreak and the currency had totally collapsed now the coalition government brought in policies that brought back some kind of functionality now people can make they very simplest everyday transactions like buying bread that westerners take for granted and fuel is much less of a scarcity.
    So I kindly suggest that if you going to have a critical view of the situation in Zimbabwe go there first meet the different situations occurring and then you can bring any constructive criticism forward.
    I go to Zimbabwe every year don't get me wrong there is a lot that needs to be done but at the same time we should take the time to respect the many Zimbabweans who are there and are in the constant fight of saving the economy and doing what they have to do to maintain the integrity of the nation, what Morgan is doing may not be the best but something had to be done and thats just how Zimbabweans are they will do what is necessary in times of hardships

    October 7, 2010 at 8:54 am |
  26. betrayed

    its either MDC needs a new leader or the country as whole needs a new opposition party, a new force to remove the dictatorial regime and restore democracy and freedom.

    we dont need cowards to lead the brave

    October 7, 2010 at 10:03 am |
  27. Patrick Beagle

    Written by a 41 year old white American who has never been to Africa:


    I remember well as a young boy watching CBS News in the late 70's and couldn't for the life of me at that young age figure out what was wrong with Ian Smith's Rhodesia. The only "majority rule" success stories in Africa have been Botswana and Kenya until recently. They recognized that the Africa's history for the last half millennia have in inexorably bound to the white man, and his settlement and their contact with him has greatly benefited the continent. If we use the same assanine "majority rule" argument put forth by our Marxist President Carter, then the United States itself had no right to exist, because using the same argument, there would be no United States. To me Salisbury was Washington D.C. It was envisioned and built by the pioneer column of 1890. "Harare, Zimbabwe" is a joke! Genocide by Serbs is unacceptable; genocide perpetrated by Mugabe against the Matabele in 1982 is accepted and tolerated because he is black.

    October 7, 2010 at 5:19 pm |
  28. betrayed

    IN RESPONSE TO PATRICK BEAGLE a 41 year old white American who has never been to Africa


    the era of white supremacy is over (Henry Kisinger was quick and sharp enough to see that ahead of time) and its not going to come back. blacks and whites have different cultural backgrounds, africans had their own culture and way of life which was eroded by colonialists who imposed their way of life upon them, dollar money, cars, roads, birth control, electricity, public education, physics, chemistry, maths, pornography, legal prostitution, homosexuality and so on. Africans did not need all that for they had lived for thousands of years without them. no one can judge on someone's way of life. there was no salisbury in africa and it was not needed, harare is what is there now and it needs not be like Washington D.C. because africans and americans do not share the same values and they dont need to. they can still cooperate in areas of mutual interest.

    however history can not be reversed, africans are in this situation now where they can no longer do without electricity, schools and heavy industry and there is now need for all human beings to associate both black or white, the solution, contrary to what u seem to suggest is not to reinstate white supremacy in the rogue regimes of africa. the history of your own country tells us you have had even bigger economic problems but were the rulers not white?

    it is unfortunate and discouraging to such a globalising world community that there are people still traped in these racial supremacy issues. being a human scientist myself believe me when i say beyond any doubt studies of human gross and neuro anatomy, physiology, psychology and psychiatry have shown no supremacy whatsoever between human races to the disappointment of the misconceptions held by some of the worst leaders the world has seen like Adolf hitler and Musolin, and interestingly were they not white but look at how Weimar and Nazi Germany citizens suffered despite having white leaders. African opinion is not well represented in European and American media and as honestly noted by yourself you have never been to Africa, i am not sure whether u r proud of that or not, but it partly explains your negative opinion on the leadership of blacks because with that there is lack of information and exposure to the real Africa. black leadership is there to stay, world players should help africans establish good democratic institutions and not to echoe racist sentiments which are definitely not welcome not here and not there.
    Racism and revisionism of history has been responsible for two world wars. lets do away with them and join hands for a better collective global village.

    October 11, 2010 at 2:09 pm |

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