January 26th, 2011
03:24 PM GMT
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January 26th, 2011
12:52 PM GMT
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We have begun. In the coffee bars and salons around the WEF, I am now meeting and greeting people I haven’t seen since last year’s Davos. I am trying desperately to remember names, occupations and titles.

Crucially – any important facts about that person and their life. Who are they? Where are they? What are they doing? Did their company make money or lose a fortune? Is the gossip that they are going to be promoted or fired? Help!!

I am perfecting the smile of recognition when I have no idea. It’s not pretty.

Everyone is talking about the new economies and the role they are playing in the world. It is the only topic in town. But what to do about it and how to handle it? So far, there are few answers about that. Tonight we hear from President Medvedev. It will be a serious, somber reflection on the state of play in Russia I guess, after the airport bombing.

Last night on Quest Means Business, Ben Verwaayen, the CEO of Alcatel Lucent – who I love having on the programme – talked about the need to take real decisions. He is worried about protectionism and wants a conclusion to the Doha round. Good luck, Ben.

Trade ministers are due to meet later this week to try and jump-start the process. If I had a dollar for every time they have done that, I would be able to afford to ski at Davos every year.

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