March 2nd, 2011
07:39 AM GMT
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(CNN) – It’s been a tough week for the celebrity business.

The bizarre behavior of Charlie Sheen, the highest paid star on U.S. television, has – for now – pulled the plug on the popular “Two and a Half Men” television series.

A profanity-laced video put online Tuesday showing a drunken John Galliano – the famed chief fashion designer for Dior – expressing his love of Hitler was the final straw for the company, which plans to terminate his contract following his arrest for allegedly making racist remarks.

Businesses tie their fortunes to star employees, star executives, star entertainers, because it works: Despite (or, perhaps, because of) Sheen’s checkered past, the troubled star has powered the CBS television show for eight years, earning him a reported $2 million an episode as the ne’erdowell foil to his live-in brother and nephew.

Galliano joined Dior in 1996 and turned its moribund fashion into an industry driver; Dior is a division of LVMH, which made more than $4.3 billion euros last year – half from its fashion division, its most profitable business.


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