March 18th, 2011
07:01 AM GMT
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(CNN) – “Coordinated foreign currency intervention” may prove a mouthful, but get used to it. It’ll be the catchphrase for the next few news cycles, as we talk about Japan’s attempt at economic recovery. And as one J.P. Morgan analyst told me, this intervention is “a big deal.”

G7 finance ministers and central bank governors held a special conference call early Friday morning Tokyo time. Their goal with this intervention: to weaken a super strong yen. And at least for today, their actions are working. Before the G7 announcement, the yen was trading at around the 79 yen to the dollar mark. Right after the communiqué was released, the yen weakened sharply to push past the 81 yen mark.

But wait, a two-yen uptick? Is that really significant? You bet.


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