July 3rd, 2011
10:57 PM GMT
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(CNN) – Evolve or die.  That’s Darwin’s basic tenet. Failure to adapt to change dooms a living organism to death. In the virtual world of online social networking, the same holds true.

Since it came online in 2004, Facebook has adapted quickest and best. Popularity and profitability have followed: it lays claim to more than half a billion users while a 2012 IPO may value it at more than $100 billion. That’s powered up Facebook to barrel like a juggernaut through online pioneer Friendster and same-niche competitor MySpace, leaving them flattened in its wake.

But they haven’t flat-lined – at least not yet. And in the past few days, we’ve actually seen some twitching in those two online names that you had all but forgotten. But are their moves resurrection signs or merely reflex jerks before rigor mortis? Let’s take a look at what’s recently happened.


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