September 27th, 2011
07:06 AM GMT
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(CNN) – For decades, the economic wisdom has been that lower trade barriers create better wealth for both parties.

Outsourcing low-skilled, low-wage jobs to an India or Mexico helps those developing economies, while that loss of industry in a developed economy like the United States is more than offset by lower product costs and an employee talent pool that finds work higher up the economic food chain. Everybody wins.

A new study, however, suggests that when it comes to China, the economic benefit to the U.S. may be less than previously thought.

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September 27th, 2011
03:50 AM GMT
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(CNN) – You're starting your holiday and you get on a chartered plane that brings you to a private island. Then you check into your private villa with an endless view of the ocean. If you choose, your only visitor can be the gourmet chef who comes over to cook your meals every day. This is not the Seychelles. This is Cambodia.

That's the vision Rory and Melita Hunter have for anyone dreaming of the ultimate luxury experience. They plan to open Song Saa resort on December 31. It will be the first luxury resort on a private island in Cambodia.

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