December 8th, 2011
11:08 AM GMT
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Paris (CNN) – Welcome to day two of’s live coverage of Le Web, the biggest tech conference in Europe. The second session won’t see as many big names as yesterday, but there is still expected to be plenty of buzz as Internet entrepreneurs and executives share ideas, innovations and croissants in the Paris venue.

CNN's Stephanie Busari will again be at the heart of the action, blogging and tweeting from the event. Check back here for updates. You can also follow Stephanie on  Twitter.

You can also read our coverage of day one, which saw announcements by fashion kingpin Karl Lagerfeld and Google supremo Eric Schmidt in addition to executives from Facebook and other industry players.

1700GMT: We're going to wrap up our live coverage now. But please keep checking for more features from Le Web and other technology stories.

1642 GMT: For anyone struggling to wade through the vast amounts of information, discussions, launches and general Twitter chatter generated by Le Web, here’s a nice visualization of yesterday’s events created by creative There’s a also some great cartoon versions of events from – which can be seen here.

1609 GMT:  It's not just the apps and gadgets that boggle the mind at Le Web, as this post from CNN's Stephanie Busari shows:

Coming to a conference like Le Web, you meet all sorts of weird and wonderful people and Joseph Tame is no exception.

It’s VERY hard to miss Tame, who stands out in the sea of browns and grays that seems to be the uniform of the technorati here. Tame, as you can see in the above photo, is wearing a bright yellow outfit - complete with flashing lights - known as theiRunmachine, which he designed himself.

Hanging off the suit are four different generation iPhones, an iPad and a Macbook pro, which streams live near-constantly (A rival for Karl Lagerfeld’s Apple fanboy status, perhaps?). He also uses the machine to create GPS art, such as this tribute to Steve Jobs:

Unfortunately, he’s not streaming when I meet him because, he complains of the lack of a strong wi-fi signal at the conference (this is a common complaint among participants this year.)

Tame says he’s the personification of social, local, mobile, (So-lo-mo as its known here) which is the theme of the Le Web conference this year.

Tame, a Tokyo-based Briton, also reveals it is thanks to my CNN colleague Kyung Lah in Tokyothat he was able to persuade Le Web founder Loic Le Meur to allow him to participate in this year’s conference.

Lah interviewed him when he took part in the Tokyo marathon last year wearing the suit, which weighs 10 kilograms. “My muscles are getting bigger,” he tells me.

Tame’s bizarre choice of outfit apparently stems from his desire to combine his passions for running and technology and to push them both to their limits.

Tame says he has also raised a lot of money for charity but insists he only wears the outfits once a month.

1509 GMT: Interesting, but slightly frightening presentation now being done by Deb Roy of Bluefin Labs on “Connecting TV to the social web.”Roy’s studies have recorded mountains of data about day-to-day human existence by having Hal-style computers watching his family’s every move.

1408 GMT: CNN's Stephanie Busari has filed this post from today's Le Web looking at the Airbnb, a "tourism 2.0" internet business model touted by event host Loic Le Meur as "the biggest threat to the hotel industry."

Read the full post here: Is Airbnb the biggest threat to the hotel industry?

1204 GMT: Bill Gross, The founder and CEO of web innovation firm Idealab, was talking before we fired up the liveblog this morning: Here’s a couple of few nuggets from his rapid-fire presentation “Learning From Failure: 20 Years of Entrepreneurial Lessons” via his Twitter feed:

People in the US are using social media more than they are volunteering, praying, exercising, emailing, phone calling. #LeWeb

Interesting that the "BRIC" countries have some of the highest penetration rates of usage in the world. #LeWeb

People in the US are using social media more than they are volunteering, praying, exercising, emailing, phone calling. #LeWeb

1144 GMT: Back to Carmine Gallo for a minute - here's a useful list via French site Les Echos, summing up the "Seven secrets of Steve Jobs," including sage-like utterances such as: Do what you love; have a vision; and kick start your brain.

1141 GMT: George Colony (not Clooney, as some disappointed tweeters have pointed out), CEO of Forrester Research, is speaking now and raising a few eyebrows with his stark examination of what he calls “social saturation.”

Colony calls geo-locating app Foursquare “nonsense,” lumping it in with “other time-wasting options” as he predicts a “post-social web” that will see social web applications evolve to deliver “more efficient, easier to use, higher value-to-time ratios.”

1127 GMT: The ghost of Steve Jobs inevitably looms large over today’s LeWeb with a somewhat televangelical talk by Carmine Gallo, who has penned two books on how the working practices of the late Apple boss can be applied to other businesses.

Wired has useful good interview here with Gallo summing up his “What Would Steve Do” tips.

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  1. Thabang Mafela

    After seeing highlights of the event on CNN, I must admit that the innovation on display is truly mind blowing!! I'll certainly try to travel to the next one!

    December 8, 2011 at 8:05 pm |
  2. Thabang Mafela

    After seeing highlights of the event on CNN, I must admit that the innovative concepts/technology on display is truly mind blowing!! I'll certainly try to travel to the next one!

    December 8, 2011 at 8:05 pm |
  3. TalaHidadaume


    June 18, 2012 at 10:16 pm |
  4. Gonzo

    I've been there and now nothing seems to be the same as it used to be pozycjonowanie says.

    November 29, 2012 at 10:05 pm |

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