July 25th, 2012
09:34 AM GMT
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Editor’s note: The Millennials are a generation that are constantly plugged in and moving fast to make their mark on the world. CNN’s Quest Means Business is tracking four of them.

(CNN) - To examine millennial David Lloyd's business success, we look at his childhood and how his youthful drive led to triumphs in the business world.

"I think that as a toddler David always wanted to be first, the first out of the bath, the first into the car, that I think was a fairly distinctive thing about him in fact, he was quite a competitive child,” explains David’s mother, Sarah.

Sports loomed large in his childhood. "I think all of things, I think sport does teach you a great deal," Sarah says. "It teaches you fair play, it teaches you how to work with a team, it teaches you good communication, it teaches you how to cope when you lose – I think that's incredibly important. So I think in all kinds of ways sport kind of mirrors life."

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