August 8th, 2012
08:16 AM GMT
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Editor’s note: The Millennials are a generation that are constantly plugged in and moving fast to make their mark on the world. CNN’s Quest Means Business is tracking four of them.

(CNN) -Jelly entrepreneurs Sam Bompas and Harry Parr embark on a hard sell with a big client in this episode of the Millennials. The pair enlist some extra help for the challenge. They're feeling prepared, bold, and ready to take a risk – but will it pay off?

August 8th, 2012
07:20 AM GMT
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(CNN) – Facebook’s purchase of Instagram hasn’t closed yet, but a cottage industry of online companies is seeking success on the back of Instagram’s popularity. Websites and apps are creating new business models, technology and choices for printing the pictures you take on your mobile phone.

LA-based Instacanvas says it just raised $1.7 million in seed financing. Their website allows you to upload your Instagram photos and print on canvases or acrylic photo glass. Printing costs between $39 and $79, depending on size. And you could even make some money: Instacanvas allows you to sell your photos to other users.

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