September 7th, 2012
01:28 PM GMT
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Havana, Cuba (CNN) - Cuba is experiencing a Russian invasion – but of a purely cultural kind.

According to the Cuban government, tourism from Russia has more than doubled in the last two years, an influx tour guides say has as much to do with Russian nostalgia for Cuba as it has to do with instability in favoured Russian vacation spots caught up in the Arab Spring.

Visitors can see mock ups of Soviet nuclear missiles at Cuban tourist sites - though 50 years ago the real thing led to a Cold War standoff.

The USSR once based thousands of military and intelligence personnel in Cuba, making the country a virtual Soviet colony. Now few traces of that era remain, except for the Russian embassy which still looms large over Havana, the country’s capital.

Cold War fears die hard, however. In July, Russia denied reports that the country was exploring new navel bases in Cuba.

But for now at least the greatest threat posed to the Russians who return to Cuba as tourists may be sunburn.

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