September 21st, 2012
05:50 PM GMT
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London (CNN) – When you read that something from Apple may not be working, the frenzy in the blogosphere is amazing to watch.

Especially when there are hundreds of people lined up 50 meters from where I write, in order to get a new iPhone complete with the problem. They are ignoring us!

Can Windows 8 compete with iPhone?

This time around, it's not the antenna or a silly voice command system still in beta. It's the very reason people like me love a smartphone - the map.

September 21st, 2012
01:06 PM GMT
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Almost two years on from the Arab Spring and youth unemployment remains the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region’s biggest problem, according to Saud Masud, chief executive of consultancy group SM Advisory.

Labor force participation rates are much below the global average, he said, with Middle East and North Africa at around 46 percent versus the global average of around 66 percent.

One of the main challenges, according to Masud, is a lack of essential skills among the region’s labor markets.

“The real issue here is that you can’t generate jobs by throwing money at it and you can’t generate jobs buy just subsidising any type of on demand job generation programme. The real challenge is skills mismatch,” he told CNN’s John Defterios.


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