October 4th, 2012
09:49 AM GMT
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - In a Dubai luxury hotel amid a flurry of golden fabrics and iridescent lights, a young Indian couple ties the knot, with a guest list of cosmopolitan Indian glitterati donning bright gemstones and even brighter saris.

For the father of the groom, having the wedding in Dubai went without question.

“It's a different city. It's a different vibe. And the rich want to do things differently. Everybody can do something in India so let me do something different,” Indian businessman K. Rajaram told CNN’s Schams Elwazer.

Dubai is a huge wedding destination for Indian couples and it’s one of the mainstays of Indian tourism in the United Arab Emirates. Indian tourism to the Emirates has risen more than 12 percent this year to 700,000 visitors.


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