February 1st, 2013
06:45 AM GMT
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(CNN) - This week the European Union Chamber of Commerce released this survey on Chinese investor perceptions of Europe.

The study, which drew responses from 74 Chinese enterprises that have already invested in the EU, found that a full 97% would make future investments in the region; however 78% of those surveyed said they faced operational difficulties, mostly related to bureaucracy and high costs.

Pauline Chiou, CNN’s World Business Today anchor, spoke with Davide Cucino for his own reflections on the survey. The President of the European Union Chamber of Commerce said a transparent regulatory framework, good opportunities for merger and acquisition operations and a large market of 500 million potential consumers makes Europe an “ideal place to do business”.

While China demands more than a 50% stake in any Western company that sets up operations in Asia’s largest economy, the EU’s Cucino says the business environment of Europe will be “resiliently open”.

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October 21st, 2010
02:06 PM GMT
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It’s that uncomfortable question. If Beijing sneezes, do developing economies catch a cold? Well, this week it was more like a raging fever. China’s small rise in interest rates (among other factors) sent U.S. stocks tumbling 165 points on Tuesday, and the rest of the world followed suit. But why, you might ask, does the world care so much about China? Well, fear not, Quest and Ali are back, and this week’s Q&A will be another battle of business wills to find the right answer to that question. Tune in tonight, Thursday to watch and leave us ideas for next week’s Q & A in the comments section (right underneath here).

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