July 15th, 2011
06:48 AM GMT
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Beijing (CNN) – The infamous Great Firewall of China sent chills up my spine before I got on the plane for my summer internship here.  This abstract and intangible wall was intimidating – something that I could not prepare for in America before leaving for China.  I envisioned the Great Firewall to be something like hiking The Great Wall: exhausting and unconquerable.

Like most American college students, I am addicted to my Blackberry: the convenience at sending an e-mail on the go, keeping in touch with my family, and always being in-the-know, thanks to often pointless yet seemingly vital Facebook notifications. I could not fathom blocked internet access.

I am reliant on Facebook as a communication device.  My friends and I share a laugh at a picture or make fun of a friend’s overly-philosophical status update via laptops in class, computers at work, or cell phones walking across campus.  The thought of missing out scared me.

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