April 4th, 2012
10:37 AM GMT
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Editor’s note: The Millennials are a generation that are constantly plugged in and moving fast to make their mark on the world. CNN’s Quest Means Business is tracking four of them. In this episode, Intern Latin America's David Lloyd comes to London and tests some potential new staffers while trainee actor Michael Burbach gets ready for the working world. In this guest blog, Michael explains why the theatre remains such an important art form.

New York (CNN) – “Ladies and gentlemen, the performance of [title of show] will begin shortly. Please turn off all cell phones and electronic devices. Thank you, and enjoy the show.”

The lights are dimmed, the first few notes from the orchestra are played, and the curtain is raised. I take a big, slow breath as the first moments of a Broadway show begin. Only the stage exists, time dissolves. I’m lost in the Magic of the Theatre.

Oh, wait. No. I’m still on earth. I’m reminded of this by the pinprick of light in my peripheral vision. My eyes unglue themselves from the actors to investigate the star amidst the sea of audience.

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