July 30th, 2009
05:01 AM GMT
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CNN – It's official. Yahoo's Search is soon to become Bing. In the hours that followed Microsoft's announcement of its deal with Yahoo, talk has turned to whether they can realistically achieve their goal of taking down Google.

Google's search engine has near total market dominance in the United Kingdom, with around 90 percent of users choosing Google, compared to around 65 percent usage in the United States. When CNN's Adrian Finighan went out on the streets in London he was hard pressed to find anyone who didn't use Google's Search Engine.

The success of Bing will hinge on whether or not it’s able to persuade users to switch search brands. I have to admit I'm a little bit skeptical.

Google is so popular that it's a verb as well as a household name. There are few brands that achieve this kind of popularity. I can only think of a handful of others: Hoover and, as a Brit, Sellotape.

What do you think? Should Google be worried by the deal? We'll be looking at the story again on Thursday’s World Business Today.

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