April 7th, 2009
07:13 PM GMT
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Here are some of the tweets I received following that report "Do You Trust Your Boss...?" survey. You can read about the survey here -     http://tinyurl.com/d4vypvAnd remember...some of these responses were tongue firmly in cheek....add your own at the bottom, and watch my Profitable Moment here on the blog.


sunnysandiego – Richard,The reason most people don't trust the bosses is b/c they're sneaky,underhanded, and backstabbing idiots.

vanessa_87 – well, i work for a summer camp in the summer, and my boss is a real cool dude, so yeah i guess i trust him.

adamcobb – They lie to you and do their upmost to screw you over. Why should we trust them?

nickdonnelly – do you trust *your* boss Richard? (I think I know your answer ;)...)

ane76 – hope there is a "do you trust your employees" follow up for us bosses

hammansamuel – .But what if I'm my own boss? Do I trust my boss now???

arunmoola – I dont know if I trust him or not, but I'd like to give him the benefit of doubt

martinpons – depends if the boss trusts me

jeremymonteiro – There is no such thing as loyalty between bosses & employees anymore, only Fairplay, & even that seems to b going out of style

eastcoastjac – I trust my boss completly. Well, he's my husband, so I guess that makes a difrence. But some don't trust their hubbies either.

helevole – loyalty and trust extends only as far as the pay check we are office mercenaries these days

nancygonzalez – Yes, I trust my boss. I can't believe how lucky I am–especially in this job climate. I'd follow her straight into hell.

wordsmanifest – no. at the end of the day work is a transaction, and i never trust anyone holding my money. it'd be the same way vice versa.

88angel – UMM..as far as I can throw 'em and that's not too far! LOL Seriously.Just kidding..I'm my own boss, I trust myself perfectly!

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